Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oh life

Holy moly has it been a busy two weeks!!! 2 weeks ago was hurry up and get all homework done prior to the clemson-FSU game and well I would have been better off staying at home. But here's my game day pic! 
 And then this past week I had paper after paper due. So I have only ran maybe 10 miles total over the past 2 weeks but today I got back in the groove and ran a 5k a couple minutes slower than normal but figured I wouldn't push too hard since it's been a while. My after pic shows my major red face: 
But now I feel awesome and hopefully can get back on my running game!!! Plus I have a 10k this weekend so ready or not here I come!! 

Have a good Monday everyone!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Slackest of slack

I may or may not be the slackest blogger ever. Since I've started up at grad school again my running schedule has suffered but I have finally got my Groove I believe. 

Me and Karen haven't been as good as we were over the summer but we may have found our golden ticket with morning runs and Wednesday weight days. 

Last weekend we ran the iop connector run and while I was ready to die Karen pushed me to do my best!! Here are some pics from race day!

Post race photo and we look awesome if I may say so myself!

And crossing the finish line! Woot woot 

So this morning Karen and I decided to do a morning run before we worked and it was perfect!! Quiet, cool, and we got to say hi to a bunch of runners. Soo soo much fun.

This has been my week: 
Monday: ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill 
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: ran 1.5 miles outside and weights 
Thursday: 5k
Friday: 5k

Feeling good, feeling fine!!! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lazy week

I know I have missed like a week on blogging but only because I was lazy and slacked on running this last week. Thursday I ran 2 miles and felt great and then on Friday I ran 7 miles for my long run. Pretty hard run if I may say so. It was beyond hot and since I was slack if was way harder than I expected. This is my before 7 mile picture.

And then the glorious after picture:

I did get like my first really noticeable runner's tan though. YIPPEE.
Also, ran yesterday for a wee bit over 2 miles but legs were a little twingy from my 7 miles early. Today I should be back in commission!
I'm going to stop being slack though and post more. Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Conquering the hill-Southern style

I conquered the only real hill in Charleston (man made, of course). Ran over the Ravenel bridge and back over and it was awesome. Not only is it great that I made it there and back but I felt awesome after the run (during the run, not as much). Not a fantastic pic but this is the bridge but we ran it during the day.

My goal for the week was to run about 20 miles, so far I am at 12.4 miles since I took two days off. Ooops! But I do plan on running tomorrow and possibly Sunday so I might can get a bit closer.
Hope everyone's weekend is awesome!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Princess run for the win!

Holy Monday!! Today has def been a Monday with work and then the weather not cooperating with my need to run!! Oh well. We aimed for a 10k today but only went 5.3 miles. Felt pretty good afterwards though so thats promising. I love the feeling once I get started going.
Also, I got to try out my Rapunz skirt!!!
This Sparkle Tech skirt is literally perfect. I may or may not have even skipped and felt like a princess the entire run. And Karen got me a few gifts today too. A Rapunz wash cloth!!! It is so cute and thoughtful. And she gave it to me right before her bday-she's the best.
Finally, I had the best time participating in a run chat via twitter last night. It is so so fun to connect with fellow runners across the country and I hope that I get to meet a few for PrincessHalf14 weekend. Operation find my fellow bloggers!!!
Have a great Tuesday ya'll!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Yesterday I did some lifting and decided to put a bit more focus on my arms, particularly my triceps. They are quite sore today from that little escapade. Then today was supposed to be an off day but it was quite stressful so I decided to just do a quick mile to keep my good mood. It was relatively easy at a decent pace, completely enjoyable after a stinky day.

On a happier note I got my pro compression socks in today! WOOT They are literally so so perfect. I adore the color pink and the purple will go swimmingly with my Rapunzel outfit. YAY for me!

Well tomorrow is my early day at work so I should probably get some shut eye! Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blistering heat

Today was long run day!! Ran a 10k in the blistering heat. For some reason the park we run at has been redoing the trail and the shady way was of course the one blocked. So there were many improvisations to stay on the shadiest route possible. I finished it though and felt amazing and even got ice cream. (I love treating myself) I have begun to notice, as has Karen, that we have been running for longer, farther, and faster. So great to see progress and to feel better about running.
Also, switching up my running shoes and taping my achy shin really helped today and I had zero pain. YAYYY! KT tape is one of the greatest inventions ever.
Hope everyone is ready to get over the hump tomorrow!