Monday, August 12, 2013

Lazy week

I know I have missed like a week on blogging but only because I was lazy and slacked on running this last week. Thursday I ran 2 miles and felt great and then on Friday I ran 7 miles for my long run. Pretty hard run if I may say so. It was beyond hot and since I was slack if was way harder than I expected. This is my before 7 mile picture.

And then the glorious after picture:

I did get like my first really noticeable runner's tan though. YIPPEE.
Also, ran yesterday for a wee bit over 2 miles but legs were a little twingy from my 7 miles early. Today I should be back in commission!
I'm going to stop being slack though and post more. Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Conquering the hill-Southern style

I conquered the only real hill in Charleston (man made, of course). Ran over the Ravenel bridge and back over and it was awesome. Not only is it great that I made it there and back but I felt awesome after the run (during the run, not as much). Not a fantastic pic but this is the bridge but we ran it during the day.

My goal for the week was to run about 20 miles, so far I am at 12.4 miles since I took two days off. Ooops! But I do plan on running tomorrow and possibly Sunday so I might can get a bit closer.
Hope everyone's weekend is awesome!